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    Through commitments, trust in hard work , innovative ideas , reliable life technologies and quality products and services.
    Talented people , a responsible approach to customer and business.
    Sadana group is taking the business in imaginative new directions .

    Mr. E.Satyanand kumar started business with experience and knowledge in 2009. From our beginning s as a small trading company sadana group has evolved to a Andhra class one surgical company with span advance life technologies in surgeries , navigation system in joint replacement surgeries, make in India technologies for joint replacement surgeries , truma implants , surgical goods, ortho and diabetic foot care products and more.

    Sadana in our life :

    Every day is new experience :- sadana shares impactful experience each day with customers and the field people . so that help us to do better service with new experience .

    Sadana creates possibilities : A coporation of discovery :- we have a goal to creat new trends in life technologies. We making customers happy and to grow with innovative technologies . we discovering every day a new approach I our technical service. That help us to creates possibilities.

    Sadana contributions: Commited to social responsibilities:- we measure our success not only in our business achievement s, but also by how well we serve our nation . we embrace our responsibility to contribute as a good citizen.

    We sharing to make nation greenery through plantation.
    We sharing to remove poverty through sponsor education , providing food and clothes in remote areas ,
    We sharing to providing medicals through conducting medical camps . and more .
    We believe that it is our responsibility to make nation good.


    Knee Arthroplasty

    For arthroplasty with unicondylar or bicondylar components, pain release and restoration of mobility are the major goals.

    VEGA System®
    Natural rotation
    The posterior stabilized VEGA Knee System was developed to fulfill the modern-day requirements of patient and surgeons for a modern knee implant system. The following objectives were considered in its design:

    e.motion® Total Knee System

    High congruence combined with excellent tribology
    The e.motion® product family: flexible, compatible, homogenous:

    Columbus® Total Knee System ... One world – one knee
    The interchangeable and anatomically-designed Columbus® Knee prosthesis offers proper physician choice and patient specificity. Columbus® has comprehensive options to cover all bicondylar indications and intraoperative situations. The new developed revision system is characterized by:
    • Small production tolerances
    • Precision of the cuts
    • Demand-oriented implant portfolio
    • Low PE wear
    • Manual or OrthoPilot navigated CT-free surgical technique
    • Implants in CoCr or also as Advanced Surface (AS) version available

    Columbus® Revision Total Knee System... Precise modularity
    Today revision surgery represents already around 15 percent of knee replacement surgeries. Due to more and more earlier implantations and more severe bone defects, the numbers continuously rise. Based on the very successful design of the Columbus® knee endoprostheses, the development of the Columbus® Revision System was just a logic consequence.
    The new developed revision system is characterized by:
    • Small production tolerances
    • Precision of the cuts
    • Demand-oriented implant portfolio
    • Low PE wear
    • Manual or OrthoPilot navigated CT-free surgical technique
    • Implants in CoCr or also as Advanced Surface (AS) version available

    EnduRo Rotating Hinge Knee System... Longevity, mobility and security against dislocation
    The innovative EnduRo knee endoprosthesis is a bicondylar linked implant that was developed for the treatment of severe bone defects and insufficiency of the ligamentous apparatus.
    The three objectives of the EnduRo knee endoprosthesis system are longevity, mobility and security against dislocation.
    Longevity is the first objective of the EnduRo system. The problems associated previously with linked prostheses, due mainly to abrasive wear in the bush bearing and a geometric design which deviates significantly from physiological requirements, are avoided because they can lead to premature loosening and implant failure. The EnduRo knee endoprosthesis system is based on new concepts for biomechanical materials which practically eliminate the mechanisms that cause failure. These new materials are a prerequisite for increasing the longevity of rotational hinge implants to that of tried and tested condylar primary implants.
    Mobility is another very important factor for the patient. EnduRo offers ±12° rotation on the vertical axis, a flexion angle of at least 140° which is increased further by the sophisticated lift technology of 3 mm, and a hyperextension of up to 3°, securely limited by an innovative interaction of femur and PE sliding surface design.
    Security against dislocation is the third chief advantage. The cone-shaped rotational axis, which is secured in the tibial plateau, is joined to the inner cone of the femoral hinge ring. In addition, a securing nut is affixed which is embedded harmoniously in the design of the hinge ring.

    univation® X Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty System... More than half a knee
    univation® X is a unicondylar knee arthroplasty system for treatment for medial osteoarthritis. Material for Durability
    The ceramic surface reduces polyethylene wear and increases scratch resistance. The established advanced surface technology creates one of the hardest surfaces technologies in the market and enables allergy prevention. In combination with our beta sterilised gliding surface the system offers state of the art bearing technologies.
    Freedom of Choice
    The right model for everyone. Choose from a fixed gliding surface or a mobile gliding surface. The design of the femoral components is adapted to the type of the gliding surface to ensure minimum wear.
    • Femur size selection: Same femoral cuts for sizes 2 / 3 / 4 and therefore interchangeable
    • Adjustable medio-lateral positioning: The femur can be shifted medio laterally, for central tibial loading Simplicity for Reliability Standardized and simple surgical technique for reliable results.
    • Simplicity: Six-step operating procedure
    • Innovation: Gap management with millimetric adjustment of flexion and extension gaps. Inteligent design for gap management spacer.
    • Precision: The precise instruments support the exact co-alignment of the implants. This reduces the risk of wear.
    • Ergonomics: Just two instrument trays
    Precision for Satisfaction
    • Reproducible precision with the OrthoPilot®
    • Excellent implant alignment [1],[2]
    • Controlled implantation even with minimally invasive approaches
    • The OrthoPilot® guides the operating team through the operating procedure
    • Cutting-edge software for the latest navigation technology

    AS Advanced Surface... 7 Layers to protect you
    AS Advanced Surface is an innovative coating for knee implants to improve mechanical properties and biocompatibility of knee systems. The zirconium nitride top coat yields superior surface hardness that is unmatched in the market place. The wear rate is reduced by up to 65% compared to standard implants. This ceramic surface layer stands for improved scratch resistance, good wettability and for better articulation between bearing surfaces.
    Unlike monolayer coatings, the AS 7-layer coating has a buffer zone which compensates the changes in surface hardness and results in more resilientelastic properties. Additionally the transition layers act as an effective metal ion barrier, thus ideal for patients with metal hypersensitivity.
    A powerful bond coating between the base material and subsequent layers ensure strong adhesion.
    All Aesculap knee system’s polyethylenes are sterilized under Beta radiation which uses higher concentrated, lower penetrating radiation levels for reduced oxidation yielding better wear results.
    Sharkey et al: “Improved Polyethylene or alternative bearing surfaces can certainly diminish the failure rate after knee arthroplasty.” Better long term results
    The AS coating in combination with Beta-PE yields superior performance. Better long term results can be expected. Advantages
    • Up to 65% reduced wear rates
    • Allergy prevention through effective metal ion barrier by 7 layer coating
    • Biocompatibility and improved wettability
    • Unmatched Hardness and thus improved scratch resistance

    MIOS® Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic Solutions... Minimally invasive surgery with precision
    Early results of minimally invasive total knee arthroplasty show that the procedure is less painful and recovery time is shorter. However, the challenge is to maintain the required standard precision with limited exposure. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that the requirement accuracy is maintained despite limited surgical exposure.
    Aesculap offers computer-based technologies that achieve better functional results, especially with minimally invasive approaches in terms of total knee arthroplasty.
    In collaboration with experienced orthopaedic surgeons, the so-called MIOS® technology has been developed – minimally invasive and computer assisted surgery.
    By integrating the best aspects of both techniques, we improve the process of care associated with total knee arthroplasty. Advantages
    • Decreased blood loss and need for transfusion from reduced soft tissue trauma and the elimination of the intramedullary instrumentation
    • Accurate and reliable limb and implant alignment with Orthopilot Navigation System
    • Rapid wound healing
    • Fast restoration of function
    • Reduced post-operative pain
    • Reduced hospital stay
    • Improved cosmetics
    MIOS® can be used for primary TKA with Columbus® or e.motion® knee prostheses. Computer-assisted surgical techniques provide for necessary accuracy.
    MIOS® Instruments Features
    • Minimal shapes and dimensions to help avoid conflict with the limited exposure
    • Specially designed cutting slots that facilitate accurate bone resections
    • Profiles that provide excellent instruments-to-bone conformity
    • Rounded edges to minimize tissue trauma
    • Enhanced visualization with OrthoPilot® Navigation System to avoidpotential alignment errors



    For the patient's good we use bone-preserving implantation techniques, CT free navigation and new implant materials like low abrasion ceramic articulation and bioactive surface coatings.

    Bicontact® Universal Hip System.... System for all indications in hip arthroplasty
    There is a system for successful hip joint replacement: The Bicontact® hip a, prosthesis design unchanged since 1987. The Bicontact® osteoprofiler special implantation instruments ensure that the cancellous bone in the proximal femur is preserved to a large extent. The prosthesis stem is well-anchored, proximally, through bone compression. On the distal side, the cortical bone is preserved as there is no need for reaming. The same surgical technique allows thesurgeon to decide intraoperatively whether a cementless or cemented Bicontact® stem is the optimal treatment selection. The Bicontact® system is completed by a range of modular heads, acetabular sockets and implant components for revision.

    Metha® Short Hip Stem.... Evolving the State of Arthroplasty
    The Metha® Short Hip Stem prosthesis represents a new generation of implants for hip endoprosthesis. Metha® combines three key advantages facilitating surgeries that are as minimally invasive as possible: modularity, minimal stem size and acircumferential coating. It is particularly suitable for young patients with good bone quality. The design continues on the positive experience with non-cemented stems fixated by metaphyseal anchoring. The prosthesis concept allows implantation via the base of the femoral neck, with conservative treatment of the bone in the femoral neck and in the greater trochanter region, preserving the bone, soft tissue and muscle.

    Excia® T Hip Stem.... Proximally fixating stem with trochanter-preserving rounded shoulder and modern stem length
    The universal and distally slim Excia® T implant is designed for implant longevity with or without bone cement – with standard or high offset – suitable for all less invasive surgical hip approaches. The 12/14 taper with a distally reduced neck diameter increases the range of motion. The standardized implantation technique allows the implant to be used in different femoral anatomies. Excia® T implants are also suitable for narrow femur canals

    Excia® Hip Stem System.... Straight hip stems for less invasive implantation procedures
    Excia® straight stems are designed for implant longevity with or without bone cement – with standard or high offset – suitable for all less invasive surgical hip approaches. The 8/10 mm trunnion allows a wide range of hip motion. The Excia® portfolio is complemented by the Excia® hip stems with a 12/14 mm taper.

    TRJ® Hip Stem System... Trochanter preserving joint arthroplasty
    The TRJ® hip prosthesis stem is implanted without cement. The stem design is based on many years of experience with a conical diaphyseal anchorage in the femur. The double tapered shape of the uncoated and surface radiated TRJ® hip stem straightens at the proximal lateral end so that the greater trochanter is preserved to the greatest possible extent during implantation. The newly developed TRJ® rasp concept with a modular disconnected trochanter rasp supports safe muscle and trochanter preserving bone preparation with a very precise diaphyseal stem design. The eccentric distal TRJ® stem tip simplifies the minimally invasive implantation in the femur and prevents the risk of varus stem positioning. The TRJ® range of stems is available in a range of sizes standard and lateralized and allows universal adjustment to different femur morphologies and correction of pathological joint and leg length anatomies.

    TrendHip® Hip Stem System... Self-locking cementless and cemented hip stem
    The TrendHip® design concept combines the traditional features of a straight tapered and fully surface coated cementless hip stem. The rectangular self-locking stem ensures a reliable primary stable implant position and direct secondary periprosthetic bone contact to the hydroxylapatite coated surface. The implant range is available for standard and lateralized offset stems. The TrendHip® triple tapered shape additionally supports implant positioning inside the femoral cavity. Medial and horizontal grooves increase the bone contact area and axial implant stabilization. The hydroxylapatite surface is a combined double layer of rough titanium plasmaspray coating in the proximal stem part with decreasing thickness in the mid third stem section and smooth coating distally.

    Trilliance® Hip Stem System.... Triple tapered polished hip stem
    The Trilliance® hip stem is designed for cemented implantation. The design features are based on the third generation of straight polished hip stems. The polished Trilliance® hip stems are triple tapered and produced from forged CoCr alloy. Trilliance® implants provide a linear increasing lateralization by implant size. The CCD is 135 deg. Trilliance® implant size parameters increase proportionally by size. The mechanical strength of the design features is proven by mechanical fatigue testing. The nominal thickness of the Trilliance® cement mantle can be influenced by the rasp and implant size selection. Rasp and implant measurements are equal. The fully teethed rasps provide an additional length of 5 mm to include the position of the optional modular distal centralizer. The Trilliance® distal centralizers are dedicated to each implant size and are produced from PMMA. The cap type design allows a safe axial stem setting within the cement mantle.

    Prevision® Modular Hip Revision Stem... Bridging bone defects for secure implant fixation
    Temporary distal interlocking of the Prevision® stem with screws improves the stability of the implant in large bone defects. The defective zones are bridged and proximal bone areas can regenerate. Regeneration of the proximal bone can be assisted with allogeneous bone or through the transfemoral approach technique. Removal of the interlocking screws after successful bone regeneration results in a renewed proximal force transfer. The Prevision® reverse principle offers the possibility of influencing the effects of an exclusively distal force transfer on the proximal bone structures. Depending on the bone defect, the proximal section of the Prevision® revision prosthesis takes over a new load bearing function at an early stage. For low grade bone defects and intact proximal femurs, distal interlocking can be used for additional temporary implant stabilization.

    Plasmafit® Cementless AcetabularCup System... No trial cups. No screws. No compromises.
    The Plasmafit® acetabular system features and combines several important elements for cementless orthopaedic implants: High primary stability even in difficult conditions, low-abrasion articulation and ideal implant position. The Plasmapore® surface provides through its roughness a strong connection to the bone. The possibility of a bioceramic Biolox® ceramic insert provides highest lubricity and minimum wear. With Vitelene® (highly-crosslinked polyethylene with vitamin E)there is a new material available, which is characterized by high wear and oxidation resistance throughout the life of the hip arthroplasty. This plays an important pioneering role in the field of highly-crosslinked articulation. The OrthoPilot® Navigation technology combines these features with the possibility of an exact implant positioning.

    Plasmacup® Acetabular Cup... High primary stability and a low friction bearing surface
    The Plasmacup® acetabular cup system features and combines several important elements for cementless orthopaedic implants: The microporous Plasmapore® titanium surface with high primary and secondary stability, the use of the Biolox® ceramic-ceramic articulation components with minimum wear and the application of the OrthoPilot® navigation technology for exact implant positioning.

    Vitelene® Vitamin E stabilized highly crosslinked polyethylene – Applied technology. In vivo performance
    Vitelene® is a highly crosslinked polyethylene blended with vitamin E. Vitamin E provides long-term oxidation protection by binding free radicals through the release of H atoms. Polyethylene powder GUR 1020 is mixed with vitamin E (0.1 % - α-tocopherol) and pressed into sheets. Afterwards a total dose of 80 kGy electron beam radiation is applied to crosslink the blank product. Vitelene® inserts are manufactured using CNC technology and sterilized with ethylene oxide. Vitelene® needs no thermal treatment and has, therefore, balanced mechanical properties. It is characterized by wear and oxidation resistance. The new articulation material Vitelene® is offered with the new Aesculap acetabular cup system Plasmafit® as well as with Plasmacup® DC.

    MIOS® Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic Solutions... Soft tissue and muscle preserving surgery
    More and more frequently hip arthroplasty is related to minimally and less invasive techniques to approach the hip joint. These techniques enable the patient to regenerate and return to work faster with less pain, less blood loss,fewer complications and problems withwound healing, as well asbetter cosmetic results.



    The morphology of the bone and its blood supply are taken into account in the Targon® implant design. The implant mechanics support biological fracture healing.

    Proximal Humerus / Targon® PH..... Intramedullary nail system for the proximal humerus
    The blood supply to the capitellar fragments provided by the fine branches of the circumflex humeral artery can be damaged by surface compression, e.g. by a T-plate, and by the constricting effect of cerclage wires. Since the interlocking screws, as peripheral load-bearing fixation elements, penetrate the tissue only at certain points, damage to the soft-tissue zone near the capitellum is minimized so that the blood supply in the fractured capitellum is given a maximum chance of recovery.

    Humerus / Targon® H... Intramedullary nail system for humeral shaft fractures
    The selection of a suitable surgical approach is not just a question of the surgeon´s personal preference. The obvious advantage of retrograde nail implantation is the extraarticular access. On the other hand, the retrograde approach becomes more and more problematic (e.g. risk of fracture of the bone bridge between the edge of the fracture and the nail insertion hole) the further distal the fracture is located. Even for shaft fractures located far toward proximal, the retrograde implantation of an intermedullary nail can be complicated by poor anchoring of interlocking screws in the metaphysis (e.g. screw loosening in an osteoporotic bone bed). However, the targeting device and the nail drill holes fully meet the requirements of both surgical approaches.

    Femoral Neck / Targon® FN... Head preserving solution for medial and lateral femoral neck fractures
    The Targon® FN TeleScrews allow a controlled collapse of the fracture along the line of the femoral neck without any backing out of the screws into the soft tissues. Linking these distal and proximal screws with a locking plate gives a much more stable construction with superior rotational stability than would be found with either method of fixation alone.
    Specific instruments have been designed to make the procedure easier to undertake using minimally invasive surgery. The surgical technique allows the surgeon to achieve an easy optimum fixation and at the same time avoid potential complications such as bending of the guide wires or pushing of the guide wires into the pelvis.
    The initial positive experience with the Targon® FN suggests this implant may be a major advance in the management of the intracapsular fracture and a possible solution to the dilemma of the unsolved frature.

    Proximal Femur / Targon® PFT ... Intramedullary nail system for proximal femoral fractures
    The new Targon® PFT nailing system is designed to treat all trochanteric fractures in a fast and safe procedure. The innovative targeting device is suitable for all CCD angles and permits shorter and less invasive incisions thanks to an optimized geometry. The color code of the instruments guides you reliably through the operation and the simplified instrumentation leads to a substantially reduced operating time. The Targon® PFT telescoping cantilever ensures an effective sliding of the fracture. The merger of sleeve and lag screw into the new TeleScrew facilitates the insertion and shortens the operating time. Cranial migration of the TeleScrew is ruled out by the integrated distraction stop. Laterally, the TeleScrew is locked angle stable to the nail which prevents backing out. The new TeleScrew thread provides an enlarged contact zone with the bone resulting in a considerably improved screw fixation especially in osteoporotic bone.

    Distal Femur / Targon® RF... Retrograde femoral nail
    The distribution of reaming debris in the knee joint is avoided by opening the joint with the hollow reamer. Sufficiently recessed placement of the implant prevents protruding implant edges. As a result of the ventral and dorsal oblique surfaces of the Targon® RF, the nail recess can be kept small, leaving more space for interlocking. Angular play in the metaphysis and screw sliding can cause excessive instability in the fracture area. This is prevented by locking the distal screw with the closure screw. The transfixation of the fracture on the distal shaft fragment via the fourth screw cancels shearing motions between the metaphyseal and shaft fragments.

    Femur / Targon® F... Interlocking nail system for femur
    Universal Femur
    • The Targon® F universal interlocking nail for the femur covers all indications for reamed nailing.
    • Classification of fracture localization according to the one-fifth method.
    • Three interlocking holes right at the distal end allow maximum use of this standard method for femoral fixation, even for borderline indications.
    • The anatomical curvature (radius: 2,000 mm) facilitates nail insertion and reduces the risk of cortex perforation or nail torsion.
    • Adapted diameters of proximal nail end and nail shaft avoid additional proximal reaming.
    • The double oblique proximal interlocking holes allow use for both right and left femur.
    Solid Titan Femur
    • The Targon® F solid titanium interlocking nail is recommended for the unreamed primary treatment of shaft fractures in case of severe soft tissue damage. The unreamed femoral titanium nail is indicated in preference to the reamed steel version, especially in polytraumatic patients. Solid nails made of titanium alloy reduce the risk of infection with open fractures. The high capability of the material to withstand alternating loads provides high fatigue strength.
    • The three grooves along the femoral nail allow drainage and thus keep the intramedullary pressure low during implantation. Better endosteal revascularization is possible.
    • Three interlocking holes right at the distal end allow maximum use of this standard method for femoral fixation, even for borderline indications.
    • Continuous flat thread facilitates removal of the screw. Nail wedges in flat thread. No lateral migration. Deep self-tapping thread for opposite cortical layer.

    Tibia / Targon® TX ... Intramedullary nail system for tibial fractures
    The new Targon® TX aims to advance intramedullary nailing into the very proximal and distal regions of the tibia while substantially improving fixation stability. The multidirectional position of the proximal locking screws ensures absolutely angle-stable fixation of the fracture adjustable to different fracture levels.
    Short nails are available solid and cannulated and can be entirely interlocked via the targeting device. Long nails are cannulated. A proximal sliding hole for compression and dynamic fixation allows stable fracture treatment for individual solutions. Color-coded ergonomic instruments facilitate the workflow intraoperatively and allow for intuitive orientation when handling the instruments.

    Tibia / Targon® T ... Interlocking nail system for tibia
    Universal Tibia
    • The Targon® T universal interlocking nail for the tibia covers all indications for reamed nailing.
    • Classification of fracture localization according to the one-fifth method.
    • The three anatomical curvatures of 14°, 6° and 3° make nail insertion easy and provide further rotation stability.
    • No irritation of the patella tendon due to the chamfered proximal nail design.
    • The three interlocking holes spaced right at the proximal and distal ends allow maximum use of this standard method for tibial fixation, even for borderline indications. No risks associated with interlocking due to the transversely oriented holes.
    Solid Titan Tibia
    • The Targon® T solid titanium interlocking nail for tibia is recommended for the unreamed primary treatment of shaft fractures in case of severe soft tissue damage. Solid nails made of titanium alloy reduce the risk of infection with open fractures. The high capability of the material to withstand alternating loads provides high fatigue strength.
    • The pointed nail end facilitates penetration of dense cancellous bone and makes effective dynamization possible.
    • The polygonal profile of the tibia nail provides higher strength for a smaller cross section when compared with a round nail profile.


    Power System

    Battery-operated power system and arthroscopy system.

    Acculan 3Ti... Battery-operated power system
    Acculan 3Ti is the battery-operated power system for orthopaedics, traumatology, cardiothoracic surgery and dermatology. • Powerful – up to 250 Watt
    • Reliable – battery and control electronics do not need to be sterilized
    • Easy handling – Titanium housing allows mechanical alkaline reprocessing
    Acculan 3Ti – the reinvention of battery power tools.

    ECCOS Mechanical Reprocessing ... The solution for storage and mechanical reprocessing of your Aesculap power systems
    Basic requirements for mechanical reprocessing in combination with the storage system:
    • A suitable cleaner must be used (pH <11 for aluminum components)
    • The temperature in the cleaning cycle must not exceed 60°C
    • Clean for at least 3 minutes
    • Apply intermediate rinse for at least 1 minute
    • Carry out intensive final rinse with distilled, demineralized or fully desalinated water
    • Only thermal disinfection: 5 minutes rinse at 96°C with distilled, demineralized or fully desalinated water
    • Complete the program with a drying phase of at least 10 minutes at a temperature of not more than 120°


    OrthoPilot Navigation System


    Diabetic Foot Care

    Note: This documentation is not intended to suggest treatments for abnormal foot conditions. Any such cases should be referred to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

    Diabetes is a syndrome in which the basic defect is an absence or shortage of the pancreatic hormone insulin. This deficiency disrupts the vascular system, affecting the eyes, kidneys, legs, and other extremities such as the feet. Diabetic foot problems arise from poor circulation that causes hyposensitivity (lack of feeling). Clinical studies have shown that footwear and doctor prescribed orthotics play an important role in diabetic foot care. Drew footwear has removable insoles that can be replaced with prescribed orthotics, which help reduce and redistribute pressure and pressure points. The footwear has a wide shank area to better accommodate the diabetic foot. Look for Drew's soft, tumbled leathers that reduce irritation, and shoes that are lined with deerskin or other soft, seamless materials.

    Diabetic Foot Care
    Shoes for Diabetics that take some of the hassele out of diabetic foot care.

    Drew Shoe is proud to be the industry leader in diabetic foot care, delivering the most complete line of shoes for diabetics. Our commitment to providing both retail and wholesale diabetic shoes that combine the best in form, function, and comfort has made us a long time favorite of the diabetic foot care industry.
    Traditionally one of the biggest problems with shoes for diabetics is that they have always been so clunky and awkward, often forcing people to choose between proper diabetic foot care and looking good. It is our solutions to these problems that has made our retail and wholesale diabetic shoes sales experience unprecedented growth, for we have created a line of shoes for diabetics that eliminate the notion that style and diabetic foot care are mutually exclusive propositions.

    Offering both retail and wholesale diabetic shoes

    Instead, you will always find the most fashionable shoes for diabetics on the market in the pages of Drew Shoe catalogs, from casual dress to athletic to sandals, ensuring that you don't have to sacrifice looking good for the sake of proper diabetic foot care. All of these shoes for diabetics are made with added depth or double added depth, supremely soft insoles, and often seamless inner construction that ensures your feet are able to get the circulation they need to stay comfortable.
    So, whether you are looking for retail or wholesale diabetic shoes that combine the best in diabetic foot care and style, you have come to the right place. Start browsing our catalog of the most complete line of shoes for diabetics on the market and you can be walking around in comfort in no time at all.


    surgical products

    • Rehabilitation Products & Aids

      The most important feature of any Rehabilitation Aid is its ability to provide maximum support without causing any further discomfort to patient, already in pain. Our Support & Braces help correct and or treat painful conditions effectively. The solid yet flexible rehab range includes Back/Lumbosacral Support, Abdominal Support, Cervical Support, Wrist Support, Knee/Ankle Support, Arm/Shoulder Support, Traction Kits Cervical, Pelvic, Skin & Ankle Traction Kits, Walking and General Aids.

      You may view our entire Rehabilitation Products & Aids range and select the most suitable model as per your requirements. Kindly provide us your specific purchase requirement along with quantity to provide CIF prices. Rehabilitation Products & Aids- Manufacturer and Exporters of Support and Braces, Rehabilitation Products, Rehabilitation Aids, Rehabilitation Equipment, Walking Aids, Walking Sticks, Aids for Knee, Shoulder and Hand, Manufacturer & Exporter, Supplier, Company, Exporters, India. Trust NET brand for Surgical Instruments, Medical Supplies, Hospital Equipments, Laboratory Products & Goods.

    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system
    • Bicontact-universal-hip-system

    • Definition
      Surgical instruments are tools or devices that perform such functions as cutting, dissecting, grasping, holding, retracting, or suturing. Most surgical instruments are made from stainless steel. Other metals, such as titanium, chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum, are also used.
      Surgical instruments facilitate a variety of procedures and operations. Specialized surgical packs contain the most common instruments needed for particular surgeries. In the United States, surgical instruments are used in all hospitals, outpatient facilities, and most professional offices. Instrument users include surgeons, dentists, physicians, and many other health care providers. Millions of new and replacement instruments are sold each year. Many surgical instruments now have electronic or computerized components.
      Basic categories of surgical instruments include specialized implements for the following functions:
      • cutting, grinding, and dissecting
      • clamping
      • grasping and holding
      • probing
      • dilating or enlarging
      • retracting
      • suctioning

    • We supply a wide range of surgical disposable specially for respiratory and anesthesia usage like tracheal tube cuff, intubating stylet, pressure monitoring line, shiley tracheostomy tube, bivona tracheostomy tube, Adult & pediatric nebulizer mask, catheter mount tubing, flexible catheter mount, disposable nasal oxygen cannula, Ventilator Breathing circuits / systems, anesthesia breathing systems which include basic disposable products to high-end disposable sterile products. All our products are designed to meet the entire requirements of health care centers, hospitals, nursing homes and medical clinics. Available in various specifications, all these products are made as per international quality standards.

      Tracheal Tube with & without Cuff Nebulizer Mask with Tubing Tracheostomy Tube with & without Cuff Yankauer-Suction-Handle
      3-Way-Stopcock with/without extension Stylet Pressure monitoring line Laryngeal Airway Mask
      Catheter Mount Oxygen Mask Breathing Systems / Ventilator / Breathing Circuit Face Mask with Cushion
      Nasal Oxygen Cannula Resuscitator Adult/Child/Infant I.V. Flow regulator with extension Venturi Mask
      Spinal Needle Epidural Kit / Anaesthesia Epidural Set ET Tube With Suction Lumen Reinforced ET Tube Cuffed
      Reinforced ET Tube Plain ESU TIP CLEANER

    This is a list of companies that already trust us with their Surgical Products.


    Profound knowledge derives from appreciating the significance of individual pieces of knowledge or experience and fitting them together into a coherent network. A principle B. Braun has been following consistently for more than 160 years, clearly reflected in its corporate claim: “Sharing Expertise”. Sharing knowledge across all company divisions creates a broader, sounder knowledge base for everyone involved, resulting in far sighted, detailed solutions and maximum safety. For the benefit of the patient and in the interests of the user.
    The Aesculap brand represents a varied spectrum that intelligently and economically combines high quality products with process-orientated services. Aesculap is a reliable and accepted partner for the entire surgical process in the hospital.
    Thus, Aesculap is much more than a supplier of high precision surgical instruments: a partner who listens carefully and contributes ideas, who understands the customers’ needs and requirements and provides for them on a high level. From products to services and seminars for all areas of activity within the hospital.


    You can find all Knee, Ortho, implants instruments and orthopaedic products. Get in touch.


    All kind of surgical products and instruments are available. Contact us for more information.


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